A memorandum on the situation in Afrin addressed to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

2 قراءة دقيقة

HE Secretary-General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Dear Mr. Jens Stoltenberg

HE Secretary General ... It is no longer unknown to you that Turkey, a member of your esteemed organization, violates the sovereignty of a neighboring country and is a member of the United Nations by carrying out unjustified military action against its neighboring State of Syria and its occupation of the Syrian region of Afrin, In blatant and flagrant violation of the Charter and the Treaty establishing your organization and legal materials, especially in the preface to the preamble on (the desire of member states to live in peace and to follow the principles of democracy and individual freedom and compliance with the law)

As stated in the first article, which states: "Preventing Member States from using force contrary to the provisions of the Charter of the United Nations, so that any dispute can be resolved in a peaceful manner without resorting to force and threat”.

Under pretexts and the banner of fighting and combating terrorism and maintain its national security which is refuted by the facts on the ground, as the area of Afrin and the testimony of all observers were considered before the occupation of the safest areas in Syria has not been fired from one shot at the international border with Turkey, unlike other border areas of Syria.

In addition, Turkey's claim of combating terrorism involves an implicit accusation of your organization in coordination with the terrorist organizations. The force that Turkey invoked in Afrin and accused of terrorism as a pretext to invade and occupy the Afrin region was itself the democratic Syrian forces which are part and parcel of the system. The International Coalition Against Terrorism led by the United States of America, which leads your esteemed organization

This force, which is considered the striking force in the hands of the international coalition to fight and uproot it, which provided for that thousands of martyrs in the war against the terrorist organization ISIS in Syria

Not to mention the accompaniment of Turkey and its bringing to the Islamic military terrorist radical groups that are the remnants of advocacy and victory and is known for its hardness and atonement to others, most of whose leaders and fighters are on the list of international terrorism.

Turkey has unleashed it by committing the most heinous crimes against innocent civilians. It is confirmed by hundreds of evidence and documents from the arrest, torture, abduction, ransom, looting, robbing, killing, displacement of indigenous peoples, and changing demographic demographics, which undermines the reputation of the Organization globally and negatively affects the credibility and seriousness in the fight against terrorism all that because one of its members (Turkey) which cooperates with ISIS, Al-Anusra, the Turkmen Party, the Army of Islam, the Guardians of Religion, etc. to fight the Kurds, who were and are still loyal friends to the West and NATO in their war against terrorism and their forces who fought terrorism on behalf of the world. In both Iraq and Syria, in coordination and cooperation with the international coalition forces to combat the evil (Turkey) that follow to your esteemed organization.

We are the civil rights organizations signed below.

We have sought your Excellency in your legal capacity to push the Organization and urge it to intervene in terms of its leading role in leading the world and maintaining international peace and security by pressing Turkey to end its occupation of the Afrin region and to pull out these radical terrorist militias And to carry out its legal responsibilities as a state of occupation in protecting the security and lives of the residents of the Afrin region from the repeated and

systematic attacks by those groups that are out of every corner and which are not deterred by any moral, human or religious deterrents.

You have become a champion of oppressed peoples



- Human Rights Organization in Syria - MAF

- The Human Rights Committee in Syria-MAF

. Legal Committee in the Working Group for Afrin ... Act for Afrin

. The Kurdish Legal Authority (DYK)

- The Kurdish Society for the Defense of Human Rights - Austria

- Kurdistan Civil Society Forces

. Lekolin Center for Legal Studies and Research, Germany

 - Legal Committee of the Council of Cord Afrin in the Diaspora KAC

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