A message to de Mistura

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HE Mr. Stephane de Mistura, UN Envoy to Syria:
right and humanity greetings:

We civil and human rights organizations that are listed below:
We have come to your Excellency and say that what Syria witnessed and witnessed in a disastrous situation over the past years will extend its effects and consequences without doubt decades and decades and will taste its bitter generations generation after generation. This civil war and the fighting and many other factors that accompanied it have left a frenzy, hatred and a rift to unify all components of Syrian society and created an atmosphere of mistrust of each component and the great fears of the lack of preservation and guarantee their rights and dignity.
All this was a duty and we must be very responsible and very careful about all of this.
And perhaps the Kurdish people in Syria is more than he has those fears and fears, as a result of what they have experienced through the history of Syria and its successive regimes of oppression, marginalization and denial of the most basic rights,
As you know, the Kurdish people in Syria are the second most important component of the Arab population.
Mr. de Mistura:
It is no longer acceptable to see freedom to be at the expense of another component. We can not talk of a democratic constitution and a stable political system in Syria without the Kurdish people enjoying equal rights with the Arabs. That is, the establishment of the national rights of the Kurdish people constitutionally became a condition for peace and stability and solution and a key to democracy in Syria and a standard for it.
And that what is presented now and your efforts and under your supervision on the study and preparation of a new draft constitution for Syria is one of the most important and most prominent of those steps and events at all, the fact that the Constitution identifies and paints and expresses the image and form and basis of the most important for the coming Syria and the rights and The obligations of its people and its authorities.
For all of this, it was very important and necessary that all the Syrian components and on the basis of equality be represented in real terms and according to their proportions in the constitutional process. Not to mention that this is one of the basic human rights guaranteed by all the laws and laws of Heaven and the status of the laws and charters and declarations of universal conventions and covenants and treaties and conventions and others. In particular, it is mentioned in articles 1 and 2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Mr. UN Envoy:
In support of all the above mentioned above and in support of all the necessities that we believe your experience is capable of seeing, we have brought you two requests:
Working to ensure the presence of real representation and representatives of the Kurdish people along with other components in Syria and according to their ratios of experienced and competent in all areas to prepare the draft constitution of the new Syria.
And express our full readiness to contribute and cooperate with you in all that would ensure that this is achieved and the achievement of good and peace in Syria.
With great thanks and appreciation.
Done at 12/9/2018

- Human Rights Organization in Syria - MAF
- The Human Rights Committee in Syria-MAF
. Legal Committee in the Working Group for Afrin ... act for afrin
. The Kurdish Legal Authority (DYK)
- The Kurdish Society for the Defense of Human Rights - Austria
. Kurdistan civil society forces
. Lekolin Center for Legal Studies and Research, Germany
- Legal Committee of the Council of Cord Afrin in the Diaspora KAC
. Stuna Kurd Group of Activists

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