Message about the Turkish threats to invade the eastern Euphrates regions in Syria

3 قراءة دقيقة

Mr. Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations

- United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

- Heads of State and Government of the permanent members of the Security Council

The people and co-existent communities of Arabs, Assyrians, Syriacs, Chaldeans and particularly Kurds of Northern Syria are under persistent threats from the Turkish state invasion of their areas to the east of the Euphrates, based on false justifications such as the fight against terrorism and the maintenance of national security, as well as reviving the Sultanate and the Ottoman Empire.


This escalation and the danger of this aggression by Turkey is a continuation of the previous aggression which occupied Afrin by the support of mercenary militias carrying extremist Islamist doctrine and under the so-called (Syrian National Army), which has and still practise the most terrible violations and crimes.


Our Kurdish people, who live on their historic land inside Syria, numbering more than three million people, have never been a threat to Turkish national security, but have always been keen to establish good neighbourly relations with their geographical environment, despite their constant and repeated suffering from them. And to defend themselves and on behalf of the free world, the great sacrifices and the blood of thousands of martyrs in the battles against the forces of evil and terrorism in the world, those forces that have received and are still receiving and receiving military and other forms of support from Turkey itself


Ladies and Gentlemen:

That the Syrian people have suffered many of the effects and the scourge of the civil war that has hit our country Syria for almost eight years and can no longer bear the consequences of conflict agendas and international and regional interests at home, and that it has the stability and security within the state and in light of a constitution that preserves and guarantees the rights of all.


Therefore, we in the civil and human rights organizations that signed this appeal put you in front of all your duties and responsibilities in working to stop and suppress these threats and this barbaric Turkish aggression against the people and communities to the east of the Euphrates and warn the international community that we are on the threshold of another humanitarian disaster after Afrin and all of Syria Threatening hundreds of thousands of innocent people and their areas and property with destruction.


This is contrary to the flagrant violation of the rules and articles of international law, particularly those relating to the principles and systems of international relations and the rights of sovereignty. It also contributes to the complexity of the Syrian problem after it began. There are some signs of hope and relaxation on the Syrian issue.


Signatory Organizations:

 The Human Rights Committee in Syria MAf)

 Kurdish Society for the Defense of Human Rights in Austria

. Human Rights Organization in Syria (MAF)

. The Kurdish Legal Authority (DYK)

. Syrian Center for Civil Society and Human Rights Studies

. Kurdish Organization for Human Rights in Syria (DAD)

. Licolin Center for Legal Studies and Research, Germany

- Union of books of Kurdistan Syria

. Kurdistan Journalists Syndicate, Syria

. Kurdistan Women's Union of Women

. Free regional council in support of human rights

 - Mahabad Organization for Human Rights

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